Technical Assistance for the Development of an STI Led Cross-Sectoral Circular Economy Roadmap for Abating GHG Emissions in South Africa

South Africa still operates in a linear economy, with the biggest and still growing resource-heavy industries of mining, agriculture, human settlements, manufacturing, and transport still heavily dependent on fossil fuels for energy. There are opportunities to transition to a circular economy by decoupling the economic development and the entire development of South Africa from the current heavy resource consumption.

This assignment is designed to enable South Africa to make fast and effective progress in a structured and inclusive way in order to reach its larger national effort to transition towards a circular economy. This project will oversee the development of an overarching national circular economy policy strategy that clearly lays out the transformational journey until 2030. The policy strategy will outline areas for coordination and collaboration amongst government departments and its major stakeholders, including the private sector. The policy is also expected to embrace the catalytic role of Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) in this transformational journey. The assignment at the end will include a pilot project.

This project is being implemented by ACEN Foundation in collaboration with Trinomics and ICLEI and is funded by the United Nations office in Nairobi.