The ACEN Foundation has been formed by the African Circular Economy Network (ACEN), the network for circular economy practitioners in Africa, and Trinomics, one of the key international policy consultants in the field of environment, energy and climate change.

The Foundation was established after the two organisations worked together on a project: “The Circular Economy in Africa-EU Cooperation”, financed by the European Commission which resulted in eight country reports and a continental report. With complementary strength, expertise and experiences, ACEN and Trinomics came together to deliver tailored and ambitious solution for various needs related to the circular economy agenda in African countries through the ACEN Foundation.

ACEN is a registered Non-Profit Company registered in South Africa (Reg. No. 2020/115399/08). It was established in July 2016 by a group of circular economy practitioners who saw the need and opportunity for circular thinking to be implemented across the continent.

ACEN is overseen by a group of Circular Economy professionals who form the Executive Team. It is currently a virtual and voluntary organisation made up of 100 Country Representatives and Chapter Members who combine to form 30 Country Chapters across Africa. ACEN’s vision is to build a restorative African economy that generates well-being and prosperity, inclusive of all its people, through the CE including new forms of economic production and consumption which maintain and regenerate its environmental resources.

ACEN brings its experience of research, training, network management, event organisation, partnership building and knowledge sharing

ACEN has formal and informal partnerships with most of the large organisations involved in the circular economy in Africa and beyond, for example, African Circular Economy Alliance, African Development Bank, World Economic Forum, ICLEI Africa, UNEP, European Union, European Environmental Bureau, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, The Circulars, Holland Circular Hotspot, Programme for Accelerating the Circular Economy, GRID-Arendal, REVOLVE Circular and many more.

ACEN is a membership organisation with almost 1,000 members from across the world; details of its work and options for joining the Membership Programme can be found on its website.

Trinomics B.V. is an independent international consultancy firm that provides high quality policy advice in the fields of energy, environment, climate change and sustainability. With economics as a starting point, Trinomics offers knowledge and expertise to develop sustainable solutions to today’s main socio-economic challenges on a local, regional, national and international level.

Trinomics aims to contribute to high-quality European and international policy-making in the cross-cutting fields of energy, environment and climate change by providing in-depth research for public sector clients that profoundly analyses the relevant policy issues at stake and their potential consequences.

Trinomics’ research delivers the necessary facts and figures, assesses uncertainties and potential impacts of policy decisions at stake, and presents conclusions and recommendations in a clear, concise and accessible way. We strive to be at the forefront of assessing new and current policy options and their implementation.

Trinomics was founded in 2012 as a Dutch legal entity. Its dynamic team consists of a strong interdisciplinary, multicultural and versatile group of international experts (>50) which has successfully carried out projects for a diversity of clients – ranging from local to national governments, the European Commission and the European Parliament, international institutions (EBRD, EIB, AfDB, World Bank) and NGOs as well as industry associations.

Trinomics has a broad international network of qualified experts, both in academic and policy advice circles, able to offer specialised expertise, local knowledge and required language skills. For the different policy domains, Trinomics specialises in economic-based policy consulting, offering extensive expertise with economic and policy analysis tools, including impact assessments, evaluations, cost-benefit analyses, stakeholder consultations, science-policy interface, and modelling and scenario-building on EU, national and regional levels in Europe and worldwide.

ACEN / ACEN-F / Trinomics Together – the coming together of ACEN and Trinonics to form a Foundation plays to the strengths of each with a passion for implementing circular principles across the African continent. This collaboration will produce far more than would be possible by each organisation working separately.

ACEN Country Representatives and Chapter Members are eligible to apply to join the Circular Economy Expert Database and so be considered for inclusion in teams of experts for tender bids. If you would like to apply please complete this online form.


The ACEN foundation will be initially funded by Trinomics. By developing circular economy activities, we hope we will receive grants and donors from interested parties.We will also participate in circular economy projects in Africa financed by international institutions. Funding is required to provide tools and methodologies as well as financing entrepreneurs and small businesses so they can expand nationally or be replicated in other markets.

ACENF brings together a wide range of skills and decades of experience through the practical application of learning into projects through the teams of people at ACEN and Trinomics. Key elements of this expertise includes:
  • Research
  • Training
  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Project development and management

There are no vacancies at the moment.

The Team


Sonja Pithey

Regional Coordinator

Vivian Hartlief

International Coordinator

Théo Venturelli

Circular Economy Consultant

Oluwasemilore Adeoti

Regional Coordinator

Piotr Barczak

Circular Economy Program Manager

Chris Whyte

Secretary & Treasurer

Josefine Koehler

Circular Economy Consultant

Nora Monnet

Regional Coordinator