Study on Circular Economy in Tunisia

How can Tunisia successfully transition to a circular economy?

The objective of this study is to promote the understanding of the circular economy in Tunisia by (i) establishing the state of play of the circular economy in Tunisia; (ii) identifying the opportunities, issues and socio-economic challenges that the circular economy represents in Tunisia in terms of wealth creation, job creation, investments in sustainable development, inclusion and reduction of inequalities; and (iii) popularizing the concept, in order to promote its understanding for policy makers, the private sector, civil society or any other actor. The goal is to foster the realization of this development model in order to ensure the resilience and sustainability of the Tunisian economy.

The project will include:

  • a study on the circular economy that will include a definition of the concept;
  • a state of play of the circular economy in Tunisia, including an analysis of its legislative and institutional framework, the progress made in the field and the potential bottlenecks;
  • a regional and international benchmark reporting on good practices and successful experiences;
  • a resource/waste intensity matrix for Tunisia that will be used to identify target sectors for the circular economy; and
  • the identification of appropriate business sectors, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The project will be funded by UNDP Tunisia and will be led by Trinomics in collaboration with ASF Consulting and ACEN Foundation.